How to Send Click Output to Outboard Pedal

I’ve read a few postings and online articles, but can’t seem to find the answer to what I am looking for.

I have an external stompbox that has a ‘sync input’ which takes a metronome click and sets the tempo on the device. I am using Cubase 6.

I have two questions:

1.) How do I set the outputs in Cubase 6 to send ONLY the click within Cubase out to the stompbox? Currently, I have it setup to work, but it is sending the entire audio from my project AND the click to the device.
2.) Is there a way to set it up so that I can send different click tracks to it? For example, if I have my tempo set at 160 bpm in my DAW, is there a way to send a seperate click of 80bpm to the unit, without changing the tempo in my DAW?


It depends on what you are using for the click, but generally Activate the click for the output your stompbix is connected to, and don’ t send / route anything else to that output.

Just like in 1. - Create one or more audio clicktrack, send them to the desired outputs, and don’ t send anything else to those outputs…

I am using the metronome click in Cubase. I have a tempo track setup for my project. I know how to route outputs in Cubase. How do I route that metronome click in the project to a specific output?

I am not sure how to do this. How do I create just a ‘click track’. When I pull down from the menu, I only get choices like “tempo track”, “midi track”, “audio track”, etc. Is there a way to just create a ‘click track’ individually that I can choose to route the output to go out of my recording interface and into my stompbox?

You assign the inbuilt click in the output tab of your connections. (as per manual!)

As you can only have one Tempo defined, to have another “click” track at a differing tempo, you would need to “build” it yourself. by either using a VSTi or using an audio sample and work out the differential.

Yep. I figured it out. I created an empty audio track. Then, I assigned the audio track to a specific output (e.g. output #5). Then, I went into my VST connections tab and selected “click” by that output. Finally, I adjusted the click volume and sound so that my stompbox would recognize it and react accordingly.

The only ‘small issue’ I have is that I have to turn my click volume way up on my metronome so my stompbox gets a good signal and sets its tempo right. Now, my click sound is a tad bit loud in my DAW when having it on for recording. BUT, I can always adjust it to be quieter when I am not using that stompbox!

Thanks for everyone’s help!