How to send data to midi divice?

Hi, now I have been browsing the internet for a while and cant find out how to send data to a external device, is this case a roland drum kit. The goal is that he will be able to lisen to music from cubase from the drum kit so he can play along whilest recording. Im sure its me doing something wrong, but i cant seem to find anywere wich tells me how.

In short I get the impression that my midi send set up is wrong or there is somthing I cant see like a setting to send music/data/midi to the drumk kit. (oh and it is a midi drum kit). Also i have no problem in resiving midi and recording.

Windows 7 Home premium, Cubase 7.5


I think you need to set up an artist cue send (typ. using Control room) and send this audio signal either to a pair of headphones or to a 2TR or Line in jack on the drum controller. The drum kit will usually have local turned off and the drums your drummer hears are from the DAW.
The above assumes you’re using a sampler of some kind for your drum sounds. If you’re recording the drums themselves (even if midi) then you’llneed to run an extra audio from the drums to the DAW and either use local echo and mute the drumtracks being received from the cue, or turn off local echo and pipe the drums from the audio channel into the cue.