How to Send either to the right or to the left of my FX stereo channel

Hi !

Here is the scenario :
I have an FX channel with a stereo reverb that I use as my main reverb for all the instruments.
I’ve got a guitar panned somewhere on the left.
I want to put the reverberated sound of this guitar on the right side and on the right side only of my master bus.
How can I do that , because I didn’t figure out a way to send my guitar only to the right side of my stereo reverb FX bus ?
Of course I could have two FX channels with the same reverb preset , the first hard panned to the left and the second to the right. And then send my guitar to the ´right’ reverb.
But is there a more simple way to do what I want to do ?
Thanks :blush:

Open the channel editor on the guitar track. In the sends area for the track look at the bottom and click on panning as opposed to destination. There you could pan the effect independently for the track by adjusting the panner.

But this gives reverb on both sides as well, since most reverb algorithms produce some reflections on the opposed side too…

I think there is no simple solution that allows only one side with reverb.

It’s up to the reverb algorithm whether it preserves the stereo image or not. Otherwise, I would try just adding two extra mono buses for just those sounds?

Thanks for your answer : I wasn’t aware of this feature !

Yes it’s what happens with my reverb plugin (UAD 480L), no matter if I pan the send to the right or left , the reverb stays stereo…

Yes, a dedicated reverb bus is probably the simplest way to do that after all…