How to send midi note message to an ext midi device, cubase8

So i’ve got the MPD226…I would love to have the pads to illuminate when the midi pattern is playin, so i can visually see wich pads are used by my drum pattern.

I’ve asked Akai if its possible, here is the answer:
“Yes, you can send MIDI Note messages back to the MPD226 output on MIDI Channel 10 to trigger the LEDs. Whatever the note the pad is assigned to will be the note it will respond to.
How to get Cubase or whichever VI to automatically send MIDI data back out to the MPD226 automatically is another question.”

So now here’s my question, how can I assign cubase track to send back middi note data to my MPD226?



Open MIDI Sends in the MIDI track. Switch On the 1st MIDI Send. Keep the “No effect” here, and click to “Not Connected”. Select your AKAI HE output here. And set the MIDI Channel (1 in default) to 10. Done.

Be aware, MIDI Sends are not available for Instrument tracks, these are MIDI tracks only.

Thx for your answer…
You know what? I just found tried and accomplished what you said just right now…and I was about to seek how to do that for an instrument track…then i come here, and BOOM I see your answer…LOL

Sad i cant do it for an instrument track. I always load VSTi like that, so it’s easier to manage the VST effects.

Thanks again for the answer!

Hi, you can use it for VSTi too. Just send the MIDI signal from a MIDI track, not from the Instrument track. In fact, than it’s almost like a VST Rack.