How to send midi signal to eurorack

hi, anyone have an idea how to send midi signal with cubase there via sound card?

You can only send midi over a midi interface. It is not audio just a string of messages. If your sound card has midi sockets then you can send midi and the midi interface will appear in studio settings as a midi device… If you don’t know this then you really need to do a bit of reading about what midi is

I know what the midi signal is, unfortunately there is no 5 pin output on my sound card. Just ı have normal mono output and sending the midi signal to my external squencer using mono out Converter to midi to cv ableton its so easy do it Converter but still ne idea cubase

I am sorry but I have trouble understanding your question. If you figured out the routing in Ableton than you can use the same routing in Cubase. Same MIDI or audio port.

I’m wondering why it doesn’t work, why is the routing in Ableton not happening in Cubase? I’ll ask my question again. How can I send a midi signal from Cubase to eurorack modular midi to cv expander with an apollo twin sound card?

As I said: the same way you do it in Ableton Live.
To which device are you sending the MIDI data in Live? I assume you have a MIDI track in Live whose output is routed to a MIDI interface? Kindly describe what you have in Live.

Which module do you use for MIDI to CV?

Surely Ableton has to send to a midi device

I use Eme expander with eloquencer

Cool, ok. So how are you sending MIDI in Ableton?