how to send midi to MPC2500 from Komplete Kontrol through Cu

I have a cubase 8.5 and my hardware is used to record sequences is MPC2500 also I have Komplete Kontrol controller that i want to send midi signals to record in my MPC… I can do this with another Midi Keyboard such as Nektar P6

could some one walk me through how to ?



Add a MIDI track. As an Input select Komplete Kontrol, or All MIDI Inputs. As an Output, select MPC2500 (if it’s connected via USB). While playing, make sure, Record Enable and Monitor buttons are enabled. Once the MIDI data is recorded, make sure the Monitor button is disabled.

Thanks but this does not work for Komplete Kontroller I figured it out


Which part of it doesn’t work with Komplete Kontrol?

Can you select All MIDI Inputs in Cubase? If you do so, are the MIDI data from Komplete Kontrol comming to the track?

Can you select MPC2500 as a MIDI Output?

I can send the midi signal to the MPC but cannot play from the keys and record to the MPC


What do you mean by “record to the MPC”? You want to store the MIDI data to the MPC?

Yes the NI Komplete Kontroler is not a generic controller it uses software to send midi signals i can record them in to the MPC by hitting the MPC pads but not from the keyboard


You mean to record the data to the Cubase track, right?

Could you Insert the MIDI Monitor as a MIDI Insert, and observe what MIDI data is comming from the NI software? Do I understand it right, that the MIDI Keyboard ID sending MIDI data to the NI software and the software change the data somehow? These data from the NI software are routed to Cubase. Is it right?


I have a Komplete Kontrol S61 and I tried to reproduce what the OP said. I cannot confirm any issue on the cubase side. Cubase receives the Keyboard-presses from the S61 (no Software needed to do so) on the midi track. You can record to the track and route the midi Signal from the track to wherever you want. So: The issue is not in cubase. Maybe the MPC cannot record external midi data?


could it be that the OP is using an Instrument track with Kompelete kontrol VSTi as the target-Instrument?
IN this case the midi that is received by cubase would not reach any Output port, but instead be directed to the Komplete Kontrol VSTi.

So the simple solution could be: Please use a midi track!

Hth, Ernst

Yes you are right I will try using MIDI track I believe I did before but I think the Henny wipe my ass before I started making a beat…I stop drinking so I think its game on :slight_smile:

This seems to work only on standard midi controllers… if by an chance you have Komplete kontroller and a MPC2500 plz walk me throught it