How to send one midi track signal to multiple VST instruments?

I realize that this has been asked before, and supposedly solved, but it’s still a mystery to me…

I can only send one MIDI track to one VST instrument at a time. I’m unable to see how it’s possible to route one MIDI track to 2 or more VSTs at once. It’s either “Not connected” or just one VST assigned to it, no way to assign multiple.
As for that “send” they mention, I can only see those “MIDI sends” that are irrelevant.

I’m sure there’s a hidden trick somewhere, this is why I’m looking for help here, maybe someone can shed some light on this. :thinking:
Until then, I’m duplicating tracks for every VST, but it’s just becoming cumbersome. :rofl:

Yep. AFAIK, it’s something truely missing in Cubase routing abilities. As a workaround, I use the LoopBe1 MIDI driver, which adds virtual in/out MIDI ports to Cubase : works perfectly with it : I can send messages from a MIDI track to several instrument ones.

EDIT: sorry, you meant multiple… Hmn

“MIDI sends” are irrelevant? :slight_smile: why?

They are your solution, they work exactly as audio send/aux. Just use them, open one and you will see magically the VSTis you wanna play :slight_smile: just try

OK, but you are limited to just one of the VSTi/instrument track available. Unless I missed something, @StargateMax is inquiring for a several VSTis routing solution…

As I understand it you can send up to 5 VST instruments form 1 MIDI Track. To one via the general track tab and up to four via the MIDI send tab:

How about this? Behind the Music: Control multiple VSTi using one MIDI channel - YouTube

This is why I said that MIDI Sends are irrelevant. I never saw any VSTs there, neither instrument track VSTs nor the Rack VSTs. Now I didn’t understand how wolfger got the instruments showing up in there until I saw the Youtube video posted by reberclark :flushed: I completely missed something so simple like the on/off buttons at these Send slots! They now made it possible to see the VSTs instead of those MIDI effects. :raised_hands: Much appreciated, folks!


Hoping I can piggy back on this.

I can get this working for live playing, but when I go in to the instrument editor and draw in notes manually, it doesn’t send the midi information live to the midi send channels. It will only play the midi information in the midi send channels when I hit play. I have the “Acoustic Feedback” option enabled in all of the channels, but no go.

Any ideas?