How to send suggestions regarding new instrument definitions?

I am thinking of consolidating some cumulative feedbacks regarding the lack of Chinese & Japanese instrument definitions in Dorico.
Such lack of definitions bring terrible problems to the creation of manual playback template for these instruments.

However, I need a standard format for all information required from Dorico dev’s perspective.
This helps me collect and consolidate information.

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In due course we will add a means for you to define your own instruments. In the meantime, if you want us to consider adding instruments, send us the most important information and we will consider it:

– Full name and short name (in English as well as Japanese/Chinese)
– Number of staves
– Clef for each staff
– Instrument range
– Transposition

Thank you. It might take 3-6 weeks for me to gather as much information as I can.
In the meantime, if you have any interests, all instruments taught in this book can be added into Dorico:


Instrument ranges can be found here:
It uses the kontakt pitch names (Note pitch #60 = C3). Meanwhile, Dorico sets pitch #60 = C4.