How to send the click track into headphone AMP

Hello, I have an HP60 headphone amp by Presonus, and at the back there are the connections for the mix (mix A) and mix B (a click track), via jack to jack cables. However, I dont understand how to send the click track from Cubase 8 to this headphone amp. I use a Scarlett 18i20 interface by Focusrite.

Could someone please help?

Many thanks

Activate the click for the desired output or Studiosend and connect the associated Hardware port to your headphone amp.

Thanks Svenni, I am not entirely sure what you mean, is there a step by step suggestion around?
Thank you very much.

Depending on if control room is used or not, the click can be activated for each Cue send in the control room mixer, or for every output in VST connections.

I’d like some detailed info on this as well. With apologies to svenlenni, I would like step by step details as if you were talking to a first time user. Thanks, mc

thanks for that. What if the control room is not activated, can you still do it?

You need the control room for this. Step by step:

Vist VST connections, enable CR.
Go to Outputs tab and disconnect your main out there.
Go to Control Room tab and rightclick to create a monitor output (reconnect your main outputs here).
Same page: rightclick to add a mono Cue channel, name it ‘Click’ if you like.
Connect the click-cue with any free mono output of your interface.
Connect that interface output physically with Mix B on your headphone amp.

Controlling the click:
Open the control room in the mixer. That thing is merged with the metering to the right.
You will find your Cue send there now, enable the click there. You can also control the level there or just leave it at zero as your HP preamp has hardware controls for it.

You do not necessarily need the control room. As I said, enable the click column for the desired outputs in VST connections.

Just checked - svennilenni is absolutely right :wink:

Giving the control room a shot is nonetheless worth the effort, it’s a powerful and unique feature - enabling you to send up to 4 different mixes, making use of the Listen button and more.