How to separate bars

I couldn’t figure out a way to create a score like this:

Means: I cannot find out how to separate bars like in the example above. Using multiple flows doesn’t work because I did’t find a way to delete the bracets for a grand stuff in order to get a clean result. On the other hand its totally cumbersome to arrange about 40 frames on one page properly …
Is there a solution I didn’t figure out?
Thanks in advance!

Use a Coda.

What Ben said. Hiding the treble clefs is easy: there’s an Invisible treble clef you can insert. Invisible bass clefs may be a bit tricky - best bet is probably to go into the Music Symbols Editor and delete either the Bass 8ba clef or the bass 15ba clef, then use whichever of those on the page.

Brackets can be deleted from Engrave mode. You’ll need to reinstate the barline joins either by - in Engrave mode - selecting a note/rest on each of the grand staves and clicking the barline joins button in the left panel, or by grabbing a barline handle and using Alt/Opt-Down Arrow to extend down or Alt/Opt-up to extend up.

@benwiggy @pianoleo
Thx for your answers! It rocked!