How to set a value, e.g. mPan


I am trying to figure out how to assign a value without some kind of binding. e.g. to mPan.
Is there a way to set mPan to an absolute value e.g. 0.5 to center it? I can only see these two methods:

	increment (activeMapping: MR_ActiveMapping): void

	decrement (activeMapping: MR_ActiveMapping): void

And those two methods require an activeMapping!? Why do I need a mapping here or how can I create it? Is there a way to increment by a certain value?

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What is your use case, please?

Do you mean the binding to the MIDI Message or the bindings to the function?

Hi, thanks.

Basically I just wanna do something like:

...mPan = 0.5


You can do something like this:

// Surface Layout
surfaceElements.panElement = surface.makeEncoder(0, 0, 1, 1)
surfaceElements.panElement.mSurfaceValue.mMidiBinding.setInputPort(midiInput).bindToControlChange(0, 0)

// Host Mapping
var selectedTrackChannel = page.mHostAccess.mTrackSelection.mMixerChannel
var customPannerValue = deviceDriver.mSurface.makeCustomValueVariable('customPannerValue')

page.makeValueBinding(customPannerValue, selectedTrackChannel.mValue.mPan)
surfaceElements.panElement.mSurfaceValue.mOnProcessValueChange = function (context, value) {
	customPannerValue.setProcessValue(activeDevice, 0.5)

For the Decrease/Increase purpose it’s good to use the .setTypeRelativeSignedBit() when you do the MIDI binding:

knobStrip.knob.mEncoderValue.mMidiBinding.setInputPort(midiInput).bindToControlChange(0, knobIndex).setTypeRelativeSignedBit()

Btw, the 0.1 value is quite abstract. It’s going to be different amount for eery single parameter. For every parameter 0 = minimum value; 1 = maximum value. But every single parameter could have own scale, or own number of steps.

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Thank you. This is working. Altough I can’t say that this is nice or simple.

btw. context should be activeDevice