How to set Bar 1 in the Main Ruler to cursor position?

Hi all!

In a while I’ll record a live duo, consisting of a guitar and drums. The drums are recorded in MIDI.
For structuring, and also to have the option to add additional instruments if desired, I’d like to detect tempo and add a Bars/beats grid to the non-click recording.

This is what I’ve done so far to test it out:

  • Recorded some guitar myself
  • Applied Tempo detection tool to the resulting audio
  • Changed 1/4 time signature to 4/4

So far so good, and the click syncs nicely with the audio…
But: How do I set Bar 1 to the beat corresponding with the start of the music?

I’d be very grateful for any pointers!



Set the Left and Right Locators from the very beginning of the project, to the Cursor position. Edit > Range > Delete Time.

Works like a charm!!
Thx man!