how to set DAW/cubase as output for recording

Greetings all!! How to set cubase as output for during recording instead of my interface. Getting channel bleed when recording from my lexicon lambda. Headphones are ruled out and It stops when I set the monitor mix to 100% direct but then need to set cubase as output bus for recording. This option is not there… only the lambda. Is there a way to do this?


Enable Monitor button (speaker icon) in the recorded track.

Martin thank you! I will try that but I also learned from lexicon that their Lambda does have channel bleed that can’t be eliminated. So I’ll try the monitor button. If that doesn’t work then it looks like a total upgrade from XP, Cubase LE4 and Lexicon Lambda to… Win 10, possibly the UR22mkII interface and Cubase Artist 9.5. Do you have any input on the UR22mkII or Artist 9.5? Will it be a steep learning curve from LE4 to Artist 9.5?


If you know Cubase LE, you already know the basics. You can continue with the same on Cuabse Artist 9.5.

With UR22mkII you will definitely get much better sound. And the principles are exactly the same as it is with Lexicon.