How to set Default VSTi for preview MIDI files/loops in MediaBay.?

I’ve looked and searched - but can’t find out how to get the MediaBay ‘Previewer’ section to show the button to choose your Output Device (like it does on p660 of the manual).

For example, I want GrooveAgent 5 to preview and playback midiloops from the ‘Production Grooves’ soundset I installed. Right now, after previewing a loop I like, I drag it into the Arrange page and see its just using GrooveAgent 5se - which isn’t as comprehensive, feature/editing wise…

Any clues anyone please…?


I’m sorry, I don’t think this is possible.

Ok, thanks Martin - but do you even know how to just get the button to appear, like it shows in the manual (bottom of p660) please…? Is that no longer possible…?


Could you please send the exact link from the online manual, please?

MIDI Files Previewer (

Item ‘3’ is where (it says) you can choose to set your output device. I cannot get this to appear…


I can see this here in Cubase. Be aware, this is available for MIDI Files, not MIDI Loops.

Oh dear.! Ok - I see now on the next item in the Online Help manual, that this button is not there… Thank you.

So you believe it is NOT possible to set the default playback device for midiloops in mediabay, correct.? Cubase has no way of knowing I have GrooveAgent 5 installed…?
How about when I drag a midiloop to the Arrange page - can I choose what VSTi is loaded then.? Surely I must be able to do that…?
How about once inserted on a Track, ‘transferring’ the previewed sounds I liked into an instance of full GrooveAgent 5.?



Cubase knows it, but you cannot change the default previews to this VSTi.

Of course, you can. Just in the track change the instrument.

Well, of course, you must know that changing instrument this way, LOSES all previously loaded sound info (from GrooveAgent 5se). Yes.? I’ve just tried it and that’s what happens here.

I mean, please - what’s a decent, clean, easy workflow here.? Tell me I’m missing something obvious… Work inside full GA5 from the outset, and forget previewing anything (midiloop) from MediaBay at all.?


Sorry, what is your use case? Why do you want to use GA5 instead of GASE5, if you dunt want to change anything in GA anyways?

Sorry, I don’t get your workflow so far.

Ok - so I invested in GA5 full, to take advantage of the extra Percussion Agent, the Pattern Editing ability and the Decompose feature (to alter different parts of a sounds envelope).

I would definitely be changing things, by adding to the midiloops existing data/sounds etc… sadly, not immediately possible if its defaulting to GA 5SE.

Not the end of the world; I can load a separate instance of full GA 5 and add the extra fun stuff like that I suppose… :wink: BTW, thanks for your patience Martin.