How to set drum beats to 2 different tempos

I have chosen 2 drum tracks in Groove Agent that fit nicely with the song. Important: these 2 tracks need to be set to 2 different tempos. Is it possible to do this in Cubase Elements 11?

If not, I am still trying to figure out how to space the 2nd track to make it slow down at the same tempo as the first. Frustrating, even more so for a guitarist who does not play drums!

I hope someone smart comes along and answers this. For now, maybe open a second project set to the tempo you want for the second drum track, then when the drums are good render that to audio and import into the first project?

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There can only be one tempo track in Cubase.

This is something that likely can be done. A bit more info would be great though. Like, is it MIDI or audio? Loops or a take? Some screen shots and what not to fill in the blanks.

How familiar are you with Musical Mode and Track Time Base?