How to set fixed playback point?

Hi, in my project I’m working on a section of my piece between bars 21 and 26 that I want to hear back after I’ve made some changes. Is there a way I can set a fixed playback point so that when I hit spacebar to playback it always starts at 21 instead of having to hit the minus key a bunch of times to move the cursor back?

I don’t know about setting a fixed playback point, but if you do shift+space it’ll play back from the same starting point as it did last time.

Or just select a single note at that bar, and hit P. It’ll begin playback at that point.

And if you want to hear from the beginning, press alt+shift-space.

you would have to re-select the point each time once you edit something. And I think in this case, it would only playback that instrument.

I wonder if the OP is asking for a loop mechanism like DAW’s have.

It won’t solo the instrument as long as only one thing is selected.

I rarely want solo, so I usually hit the up or down arrow once to make sure I’ve only selected one item before I hit play.

If you edit something and you want to hear the same passage again, use shift-space to playback from the same place as before.