How to set GA to get an infinite loop

Dear community, I looked every where and can’t find the solution.

this is what I need to achieve.

16 pad, with 16 different loop. Press one pad, result: the loop playing.
Press a second pad. Result a new sample is playing and cutting the other.

I found that "continuous’ in “edit” “sample” has to be selected. And I found that the envelop had to be very long.
Ok I set the enveloppe to 30000 ms but after the sample is stopped.

How can you help me steinberg community to get a simple push, play play play and cut play play………

Thanks for any help

You can do that in GrooveAgent.

Set all your 16 pads to play the loop (on the SAMPLE tab)…choose here the method: loop/no loop; until release etcetc
Then on the MAIN tab, still for all 16 pads, set the voices to 1, instead of 4. Now when you hit a pad it will play, and if you hit another pad it will cut the previous one.

I use that a lot with slcies in a loop for hiphop beats :wink:

Thanks Nomad,
But are you sure that you can let go the pad?
I’m okay with your explanation/tricks about the one voice.
But if I press and let go the pad, the sample don’t play until the end.

Or maybe somethings wrong with my install…

Well no you can’t (or neither do I know how) launch a pad, say that last 1bar, and halfbar press a pad that will cut and play when the 1st pad will reach the end of the bar…no, you’ll have to press the 2nd pad at the beginning of the 2nd bar.

If thats what you want, there is a playmode in the “sample tab” where yo ucan choose “one shot” “until release” etc (you’ll find the one playin the loop infinitely…)

Hope that will help :wink:

Thanks for these tip