How to set HALion 4 in the GM mode for 16 midi channels

Again, i am using a composer what accepts only VSti with a Max of 16 Midi channels for relocating ( export HAIlion 4 Vsti to Cubase)
The audio engine of the composer handles a max of 16 midi channels in this version

Can there be made a fix for HALion 4 to get the output in General Midi mode as there is also a GM multi
I want the same output as Halion Sonic has for the moment in this setup of the composer

Ah ok. Composer is a host. Sorry, pal. Never heard of it.
But again. What’s so difficult about the GM thing?
Click on the MIDI page and choose a Midi Channel for the
programs. It’s the page where every program has a piano roll
to configure it.

The composer has a feature that it can “relocate”(export to DAW) the VSTi inside the composer to a DAW
The workflow is to compose in the composer and finish in a DAW and use the same VSTi
This relocate function is not proper working, because HALion 4 has too many outputs… so i try to restrict the number of outputs ( if possible?) than might the relocate function working