How to set input levels

Ok, so I’ll apologize if this is a stupid question, but I’ve searched all over with no clear answer. I have a usb mic for quick recordings and my input signal is clipping like crazy. If I pull down the input channel fader I can’t hear the input signal…and it still clips. Is there somewhere else to set the input level?

Also, while I’m here and exposing my ignorance, my precount doesn’t work. Cubasis just plows right into recording. Am I missing the on/off setting for precount.

Thx, and apologies if these are dopey questions (probably).


there is no other place to change the input level at the moment. What microphone are you using?

The precount has to be enabled in the “Rec-Mode” menu to the right of the toolbar. In the setup you set the length of the precount.

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Thx, Frieder. I’m using a Samson Meteor Mic. Great sound until it breaks up!

I had the same problem, with a blue snowball. MultiTrack daw has input volume so I used that.

Steinberg, seems like there is a problem. I tried again to record, pulled the input channel all the way down and all it did was mute the monitoring volume, audio still clipped.


we are aware of this issue and we are already working on a solution.

The faders within Cubasis do not affect the gain of the attached hardware. Thus, they cannot neither increase nor reduce the gain of a hardware device. I can also not offer you a good workaround. What you can do:

  • Try to set the input gain with another application
  • Record with another application and forward the recordings to Cubasis (e.g., with Audiocopy or Audiobus)

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i want to buy a Focusrite Scarlett and needs to know if there any near solution for this issue …
awaiting your reply …


Hi Samer,

you might have resolved this by now (sorry - only just read this thread). Anyway, the issue of adjusting the input gain shouldn’t really apply via an external audio interface like one of the Focusrite Scarlett models as these units feature hardware controls for setting the input gain (I use a Scarlett 8i6 with my iPad/Cubasis and it works well).

The original poster’s problem was with USB mics like the Samson Meteor that connect via the Apple Camera Connection kit. These mics often don’t have an input gain control to allow adjustment - hence the problem if you need to adjust the gain. BTW, I’ve also got one of the samson mics but have not, at yet, tried to use it with Cubasis… Off to experiment now… :slight_smile:

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