How to set it for use with other sequencer.

I installed and registered Groove Agent 4, so far everything is ok, except that I can’t use it in any other sequencer than Cubase.
Live don’t support Vst 3, but I watched in my vst folder and can’t find it along all other plug ins. ( I didn’t noticed any question regarding a vst folder during installation)

I noticed that program installed dll in a Program Files x86 on a C disk in a Common Files VSt 3 subfolder and that’s it. I couldn’t find it anywhere else.

I read somewhere in a forum that it can be used with other sequencers, even those that not support VSt 3 protocol, so I wonder how can I fix that.

Thanks in advance for your answer.


i have the same problem! I could not find it in w8.1.I re-install it but this not help. Steinberg help me please!!!

GA4 installs also the 64bit VST2-version in Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins

I found it (actually got support from Steinberg) You could find Vst 2 version in one of the directory of program files or program files (86) Just search and you will find. :wink:

I then simply copied all content from this directory in my VSTplugins directory and found it in Live. :slight_smile: