How to set measure 1 in sequence??

So I’m trying to score this short clip, I’ve set up a marker track with hit-points, and my ideal tempo (will make fine adjustments later between hitpoints). My problem is I can’t set measure 1 of the musical sequence to begin right at the first marker, which is where the video actually begins. Here’s a picture of my sequence right now
Screen shot 2011-04-09 at 8.54.50 PM.jpg
Thanks guys I really appreciate it!


What if you set the bar offset a little more in the Project Setup and move everything until the beginning of the video is at measure 1…

that would work, but im wondering if there is a more exact method down to a single frame, where I can just dial it in, as in DP, thats definitely my temporary work-around though

Make sure that your Marker track is set to Linear Timebase (“clock” icon, rather than “quarter-note” icon), then, with Tempo mode set to “Track” (rather than “Fixed”), set Snap type to “Events”, then use the TimeWarp tool to drag barline at bar #1 to the Marker #1 event.