How to set the Midi Input Channel

I’m using LoopBe30 to take an output midi stream from Sibelius and send it to a midi input stream in Cubase. I can get the stream down to the Port level, but don’t see a way to get it to the Channel Level on Cubase.

I’ll try to explain further…

  1. In Sibelius I set the output of the 1st instrument to Internal Midi Port 1, Channel 1. I then set the 2nd instrument to Internal Midi Port 1, Channel 2.

  2. In Cubase I go to the 1st and 2nd midi tracks and set the input midi ports to Internal Midi Port 1.

  3. The problem is I can figure out how to isolate Channel 1 and Channel 2 on Internal Midi Port 1 for each Midi Track.

When I push play all the Sibelius tracks play on all Cubase midi track.

Hope it’s clear what I’m trying to do…

Any suggestions on how to set the individual midi channels on the Midi Ports in Cubase?

Sibelius 7 and Cubase 8 on Windows 7

Use the input transformer



I was looking at that video. I didn’t see any “Presets” in the drop down.

I tried to use “channel” “equal” “1” and so on, but that didn’t work. All the tracks still play all the channels.
I don’t see an option for “pass”. The Video is not very high resolution so I can’t see what the “middle” word is.

I’m guessing that’s the problem, or are there “presets” I can get from somewhere that I can load.

There’s no need (and no way, really) to split channels at the input stage. Let Cubase record all the MIDI channels onto one track. Then you can split this composite track into seperate tracks, one for each channel. Assign the playback device/sound of your choice to each. Or maybe even leave it alone, set its Output Channel to ALL and assign it to a multi-timbral playback device. But I’m guessing you’re moving the project over to Cubase in order to get more detailed control at a per-instrument level?

I forget whether the split command is called Explode, Dissolve or something else. If you can’t locate it, ask again.

Is there any special reason you’re transferring from Sibelius the hard way, rather than Exporting a MIDI file?

I’m not moving a project from Sibelius to Cubase, I’m using Sibelus as a note entry tool and Cubase as my playback device.

This link shows the whole process, but he’s doing it with Sonar instead of Cubase.

Sibelius is limited and very quirky when conneting VST instruments for playback. Cubase doesn’t have a good notation interface yet. So I’m using the two linked together with virtual midi cables to give me the best of both worlds.

As I send the midi stream from Sibelius to Cubase I need to be able to manage the instruments on a channel level, but can’t seem to make it work on the Cubase side.

Of course there’s a way to split channels at the input stage.

Using the Local Input Transformer It’s channel Unqual to x that you need.

Also, make sure you have ‘Filter’ set in the function menu at the bottom, and that you have the module turned on.

… and provided Cubase has been installed without problems, there should already be a folder of Input Transformer Presets (Channel Filtering), precisely for this Purpose :wink: (the Presets are labelled “PASS CH 01” etc.)

Can you tell me the default directory for the presets? I’m on a PC.

I don’t remember any problems when I installed Cubase. It was a “fresh” install of Cubase 8 with no previous versions on the machine.

“C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 8_64\Presets\Input Transformer”

Here is a zipped copy of the folder’s contents.
Input (12.2 KB)

Cool, I changed the condition from equal to unequal and got it going.

Thanks for sending the presets, I’m sure there’s other things in there that I can use.

In my opinion two odd things:

  1. Why not have this filter set up like the “output” side, one click and you’ve isolated the channel.
  2. I can see now that what you put in the filter is what you DON’T want, but it seems more logical to put what you DO want in a filter. That was my confusion between Equal vs. UnEqual. Kind of like a HighPass or LowPass filter.

Oh well, at least it’s working.

Makes a great way to allow note entry while composing.

BTW - Since the Sibelius Team is now working for Steinberg any news on when the Steinberg Notation program will be coming out? I might start another thread on this if people are interested in that discussion. I hope it’s tightly integrated with Cubase!!

It will not be integrated with Cubase. Aspects of it might make it into Cubase down the line, but for now the Cubase Score Editor continues to be developed on it’s own, at the the same level as always, meaning not as aggressively as other parts of Cubase, but it does get improvements.

I do hope they do a better job of integrating the playback. The current version of Sibelius tries to be too smart and auto-magically connect the right instruments with the staff lines. You make a setup you like, close Sibelius and reopen it and your instruments don’t work.

If there was a way to just drag and drop which instrument on the staff you want, it would make set up so much easier.

Also, being able to do automation would make it the perfect tool.

We really don’t need another engraving tool but having a notation tool that could be used for mock-ups or even finished pieces would be the best of both worlds. I know I’m not alone in trying to use a notation program to deliver a finished piece, both for recording and playing live, using all kinds of virtual instruments, hardware synths, and plugins. Using virtual midi ports, networked computers and midi’d synths and other outboard gear, is very challenging to get everything sync’d up and playing together.