How to set up Cubase for use in streaming with x32 & vMix

We have a Beringer x32 digital mixer that we use for audio for the house and for streaming. We get the streaming audio from a bus (from the x32 mixer) and we use a tablet with software to control the mix.

We have just installed Cubase and would like to use it to mix the streaming audio.

we use Vmix for our streaming software

Question: can someone help us with how to set up Cubase to work with the Beringer x32 Mixer ?

You need to choose 32 ins and 32 outs in X32 (card page) and then in Cubase choose the X32 ASIO driver (Studio setup) - Behringer X32 X-Live Card Installation and Setup - YouTube
After that go to Audio connections and make 32 mono inputs ou outputs to your desire.
This is in a nutshell, routing configurations can be very simple to very complex depending on your needs! Behringer X32 + Cubase LE Basic Recording Howto - YouTube

thank you very very much. we will try and let you know how it works