How to set up default screen layout at startup

Im a noob here, home user, starting from scratch with Cubase 10. I have done the start of a project, with my screen setup how I want it - Left and right zones open, bottom zone with the mixer, Transport bar open at the very bottom of the screen. I save my project, but when I reopen it, it opens with just the main project zone and nothing else open. Is there a way to set & save a default layout of the zones ?

Any help would be appreciated.

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I know right it really sucks. I’m using elements 10 and from previous versions 7,8,9,9.5, you just set a layout and it never changed. when you open a project, its last saved view is opened by default. Now you have to do it again every time you start working on a new project. Its just annoying.

In the “better than nothing” category…

See the Edit>Preferences>General>Open Projects in Last View Used dropdown menu. You probably want it set as “Always” (try the other setting too to see how they function). But, even these setting work a little goofy. Meaning, if you save/close a project with the setting set to “Always”, whatever project you open next will be opened with that view setting. Even if it is from a different project.

Users have been asking for years that each project be saved and opened with everything related to that project to be saved with it. And I mean “everything” I/Os, views, export info, colors, etc.

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