How to set up kontakt outputs

so I’m adding kontakt player from vst instruments… and in the player I add more outputs. how do I activate these outputs for use in cubase?

Press F11 with VST rack and click little arrow (very first to the right) and activate as many outputs as needed.



yes but for some reason they don’t show up there when i activate them in kontakt hmm

Kontakt has ALWAYS been terrible at managing output buses. Traditionally users had to create new outputs, close the software, and reopen for the changes to take effect. LAME. You can choose either the 8 or 16 output setup when loading the instrument to have more outputs.

Try this…
In Kontakt route things to the aux buses and activate those in Cubase.

I’ve seen a YouTube tutorial that helped me a lot,you can try it.
As SoundsLikeJoe said you should close and reopen the software to make it work

yeah there is a few tutorials. one for Kontakt 3 that covered the same issue i think is good for this.

heres link

HALion handles this so much better - wait until you try to set up a 5.1 in Kontakt.
You get 6 mono channels, and no interleave - nightmare!!

There was an update of Kontakt 4 / Kontakt Player (version 4.2.2) released two days ago containing “Revised master output section with presets and advanced macro functions”. Not sure what it means but you shold have a look if you own Kontakt 4.