How to set up MIDI controller in order it records pitchbend, velocity, expression while playing?

I am having trouble getting my MIDI controller to work properly with Cubase (version 11 PRO). Midi controller is NEKTAR Panorama P1.

Issue - I can not get the controller to work in a way that it records the expression, volume, velocity and pitch bend motions while I am playing the VST instrument. I draw an example in screenshot 1 below what I need to have recorded while playing and the second picture shows what controllers I need to get this done.

I have searched for weeks to get this solved, however, either there is no valid info about this or I am just too stupid to find/understand it. Somewhere it says I need to have some sort of driver in order to get these instances to communicate properly; in other places, I read about the “learn” functions and quick controls (which both work, however, not in that big MDI dialog while I record/play the MIDI instrument).

Please help. This is getting too frustrating. Thanks in advance for your time and effort.

There are no screenshots in your post.
When using the pitch bend on your keyboard, do you see MIDI activity on the transport bar?
If you record some playing, open the event in the MIDI List Editor, do you see pitch bend there? Does the notes have different velocity values? Can you see after touch messages?

Sorry, I screwed up adding the screenshot. Hope it works this time.
So, the screenshot with MIDI shows what do I need to achieve. The screen with the System Panel shows how far I am with my Panorama P1 connection.

And here is the second screenshot regarding NEKTAR P1


I have the NELKTAR P1 midi controller which has no pitch bend or keyboard. It has faders and knobs (picture attached). When using my midi keyboard, though, I see the action in the transport bar, I can hear the pitch-bending, however, nothing of that can be recorded while playing (like I showed in the screenshots above). Also, interesting thing is that the octave bender is showing motion, however, does not deliver any sound. I tried to route it in one of the MIDI setting panels, but nothing has worked so far.

Sounds like you’re mapping to VST parameters - If this is the case, set the automation on that track to ‘write’ and see if that helps.

You don’t need to press record to write automation, it writes when playing too - so be sure to change it back to ‘read’ when you’re done.

Will try, thanks a lot for advice! I also got in touch with NEKATR support; now it’s the “easy” part: get it all to do what I need it to do, haha!

I do believe OP is trying to just record MIDI CC. I don’t read anything that indicates they’re trying to write automation.

What do you mean with OP? (sorry for stupidity)

@edgarsrakovskis Original Poster. It’s a common abbreviation in forums to indicate the person who started the thread. So in this thread, the OP is you!

Your posts are a bit confusing.

Well that rules out velocity and pitch bend.

I don’t know what an “octave bender” is. It’s not a standardized MIDI CC.

For troubleshooting purposes, can you please

  1. create a new project in Cubase
  2. create a new MIDI track
  3. record a new MIDI part where you’re only moving the controllers you’re focusing on (like pitchbend and expression for example)
  4. open the recorded midi event in the MIDI List Editor

If you do that, can you see entries for pitch bend and the other MIDI CCs?

Oh… thanks for explaining this. I am not much of a forum user; now I will know. Thanks again!
I am currently experimenting with everything, installing and exploring sounds as well as getting to know the midi controller. Starting to understand something; will post some updates later to this post when I achieve some results. And yes, that’s what I did: created a separate project just for this MIDI learning purpose.

I presumed an octave bender was a oscillator coarse or octave control, or some such VST parameter.