How to set up one track recording to another?

Hi there,

I have:
Cubasis 2
Ape Matrix

What would be the routing setup to have track 1 in Cubasis 2 playing back and recording audio to track 2? Ideally while tracks 3-6 are also heard?

Freeze is no good, because I’m using an sequencer app hosted by cubasis. (Ruismaker Noir hosted by Cubasis, performing live patch changes using dials)

I managed to get it recording via AUM, but I couldn’t hear it at the same time.

If this is not possible in Cubasis 2, has anything been developed in Cubasis 3 that will work?


Hi jameslondon74,

Thanks for your message.

It is not possible to record one track to another track in Cubasis.

The only solution that comes to my mind is to record via the internal speaker (which will not be of highest quality), or to create a loopback via a supported hardware device.

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Yes, but I was wondering if there was a way to use other apps. Perhaps route out of Cubasis into perhaps Audiobus, then route back in on a different channel?

Hi jameslondon74,

You are correct, Audiobus might be an option here absolutely.
I’d suggest to share the question in the Audiobus forum, where you will meet lots of Audiobus and Cubasis users.

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