How to set up Send Level as Focus Quick Controls?

Hi there,
i am trying to set my Akai MPK Mini for focus quick controls. In Plugins everything works great! All eight encoders are mapped globally for every plugin. In “track focus” i mapped the Low- and High-Cut frequency of the pre section and was trying to also map the first four send gains to my encoders, but i can’t find where to map them?
i know i can map them as “normal” quick controls, but thats not what i want because then i have those encoders only for that purpose.
it also would be great to map the filter slope of the pre section, but i can’t find that either.
Does anyone have a clue?

Why use track focus for Lo Cut and Hi Cut? Have a look in the Selected Channel tree, most, if not all is there. Lo Cut, High Cut, their on/off buttons, their slopes, polarity flip, gain. Also you have all 8 sends of the selected channel. The levels, on/off, bypass, pre/post.

I know, but i want to control those parameters with my midi controller and not with my mouse. thats why i want to use focus quick controls

Maybe I am not understanding exactly what you are trying to do.

I assume you want to have focus quick controls, so that when you are controlling a plug-in that is in focus you are controlling the plug-in, but when you have a track in focus you control the track quick controls. You have the first part covered. For the track’s quick controls, aren’t those supposed to be hooked up to each track separately?

So that if you have track 1 quick control 1 = level and track 2 quick control 1 = pan, when you switch to track 1 you control level with knob 1, and when you switch to track 2, you control pan with knob 1. Knob 1 is focus quick control 1, which controls slot 1 of track quick controls, which is what you have set up for each track.

Am I wrong?

I thought that you want to ALWAYS have sends 1-8 on knobs 1-8 for any track you select, so I suggested that instead of focus quick controls you made a page for the currently selected channel, so that you scroll through tracks (via pads?, other buttons?) and knobs 1-8 would always control that track’s 1-8 sends.

Edit: You could create a track quick control preset with the wanted parameters (your pre filters, send levels for each send etc.), and then load them one by one for each track. But I don’t know how convenient this is, personally I wouldn’t bother.

no, i don’t want the tracks to be hooked up seperately. i would like to have my 8 knobs für low cut, high cut, pre-gain and four send levels (the last knob i don’t need). And for the first three this works perfectly fine: no matter wich track i select, i can control gain and filters via the knobs. but i can’t assign the send levels to focus quick controls, only normal quick controls wich i would then have to assign manually to every channel, like you pointed out…

Uh, I’m confused. I need pictures now.

I think the reason why this happens is that because you have a default Track Quick Controls preset loaded in each of these tracks. Or maybe these are the default parameters for this type of track? Are they audio tracks? Instrument tracks? (I can’t say without a screenshot)

If that’s the case, then it’s a simple matter of adding Send 1 > Level, Send 2 >Level, Send 3 > Level, Send 4 > Level, and then just save the preset so that it applies to all tracks.