How to set up sidechain?

I am trying to use a kick drum to trigger compression and use the compression to effect the volume of another track.

I’ve tried using the insert on the left to add a compression track. Also tried adding a send to a compression track. I know about the “sidechain” button. For some reason I am doing something wrong. I need a step by step guide for dummies.

I actually figured it out on my own. Creating a group channel is the element that I was missing.

Creating a group channel is not mandatory.
All you really need to do is add a side chain-able compressor (The Portico is superb) and activate the sidechain button. This tells the compressor to listen for it’s input from a different source to the one it is inserted on.
Now find the track you want to use as the trigger (or key signal) and in it’s sends, select the sidechain input you want to send it to. Set to 0dBFS for starters and tweak from there.