How to set up the Alesis io2 on Cubase LE5.

Hi all,

I recently bought an Alesis io2 which came with Cubase LE5 . I’ve been trying to setup the io2 as best I can: I’ve read things online, I’ve looked at youtube video’s but I don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:
-Let my computer install the io2 drivers
-Opened Cubase and gone to Devices, Device Setup.
-Gone into ‘VST audio system’
-Looked at the menu where all the ASIO drivers are.

The problem is that my Alesis io2 isn’t in that list. Cubase does recognise that it’s there though because when I’ve seen it when I’ve gone ‘VST connections’ then ‘add new bus’ it comes up.

Any ideas why it’s not in the list of ASIO drivers? Any help would be much appreciated!


Just to let you know I’m running it on Windows Vista.

Cubase likes to use ASIO drivers, but Alesis haven’t written one IIRC. You could try using ASIO4all ( as the primary driver for the Alesis.

Celtsound recalls absolutely correctly . :wink:

io|2 ;
io2 Express ;

Thanks for your responses guys.

I found out about Asio4all a little while ago. There’s still a problem though in that nothing’s coming through the interface at all via cubase. I’ve tried it through fruityloops and it works fine. But cubase doesn’t let it do it’s job for some reason - even with the asio4all I can’t pick up anything through it. I can playback but I can’t input anything. The settings are correct as far as I know. It just seems to not be liking the io2 for some reason.


I use the Alesis IO2 with cubase LE5. It can be a little confusing at first. Try and look at your VST connections. There are two tabs, one for inputs and one for ouputs. Make sure the input is set up for the IO2. If you are plugging your speakers into the IO2, then the output should be set up for IO2 as well. If you are using your computer sound card, then that should be selected as the output. Let me know how it works out for you. I know I had a lot of problems in the beginning as well. The more you learn, the easier it gets to figure out these sort of problems.