How to set up VEP7 in Dorico Pro 5?

I’m trying to start using VEP7 with Dorico Pro5 but I’m not quite sure how to set things up.
I understand the I can load several instances of Synchron players into VEP7 and then assign it to a Dorico instrument instance. (I think)
E.G.: I have 8 percussionists, each with several percussion instruments assigned to them.
How would I set this up for all 8 players? In a similar was as with Halion Sonic?

First thing I’d do is figure out the VEP setup: 1 channel with all 8 players spread across different midi channels; 8 channels using the same midi port with appropriate (differing) channel assignments or; 8 channels using different ports set to “All/Omni” (perhaps there’s others, but these are the main decisions). I would also make sure that each instrument is routed to a different set of output channels – this gives you the ability to control levels in the Dorico mixer.

Next, in Dorico, create the 8 players, switch to Play tab and add the VEP VST. Connect to the instance. Now, for each of the 8 players, choose VEP VST and depending on the setup in the paragraph above, route either by individual channels or by ports.

That’s pretty much it. If you need expression/percussion maps to control key switches or midi CCs then you’ll need to either find one already created for your VSTi or create your own.

Lastly, assign the expression/percussion maps, if applicable, using the endpoint configuration and make sure the number of outputs matches the number of differing outputs you setup in VEPro (server-side) so that the Dorico mixer matches the output configuration.

Good luck.

Thank you for your reply.
So I’m getting that VEP & Dorico seem to work fine between them; e.g.: you talk about the dorico mixer controlling the control levels in VEP. If this is how compatible they are, then this is amazing.
In any case, thank you again for your reply.
I will try and explore.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that. Dorico’s mixer only controls the audio output of VEP / VST.