How to set up...?

I hope I can find somebody here that is willing to help me!

I run cubase 6.5, 64 bit.

I have a DI Mopho Desktop and I want to try the VST (Mopho SE Plug to control it.

I have a Nord Rack 2 and I want to try and use the DiscoDSP Discovery VST to control it.

I want to do this, so I can more easily edit parameters from a VST like point of view on my hardware synths. It is sort like a device map.

But for the love of god, I cannot get it to work. Can somebody tell me how to set this up? Or is there a youtube movie (I can’t fnd or search for the wrong terms)? It seems logical to me that the MIDI out of the VST need to go to MIDI in of the Synths, and tried this, but I am missing something here because it does not work.

Who can help me out?