How to setup a mono instrument track and audio track.

Hi my setup is mac using lynx hilo thunderbolt interface. When I open an instrument and click the routing on the mix console to mono out 1 i only hear sound from my left speaker.

IN vst connections I put mono out to channels 1 - 1
The stereo output is set to 1 - 2

Am i doing something wrong?

Set up the control room and use the mono button there. Or use a plug on the master out to convert to mono.

I want to be able to play mono instruments tracks and stereo tracks at the same time in my arrange window. Is this possible? thanks for your help btw, i’m new at this.

OK…if you want a mono audio track in the mix just create mono track but feed it to the stereo output channel and it will be mono but you can pan it where you like.

Instruments generally will default to a stereo output so if you want to make them mono in the mix you can route forward to a mono group channel or again use a stereo-mono plugin.

Thank you that did it