How to setup/create users for DAW use and for general use


I use my PC for general use but also for Cubase 5. Rather than disable wirless, anti-virus software and a bunch of other things that can help me reduce processor drain each and every time I use it for Cubase, I’d love to be able to have a different profile or maybe user account so that when I start up and choose that user/profile, wireless will automatically be disabled, most non-essential software (such as anti virus since I am not online) will not be run, etc.

I created a second user that I intended to log in as when using Cubase. However, when I look at the hidden startup folder associated with either user, I see nothing (I have chosen to view hidden folders and files). If I run msconfig, I see many programs on the startup list. Amongst those are is antivirus software. It appears that when I deselect any program, it will not run regardless of which user I log in as, so it must be some sort of global setting. I still want most programs to run when I log in to use the laptop for general use (e.g. when I surf the web, I want the antivirus software to be active), so making such a global change does not seem to help me.

My question is, can I somehow make these programs run only when I log in as a certain user, and can wireless also be activated dependent on which login I use? If not, is there another possible solution that would allow me to achieve the goals described above?

Not sure if any of this makes sense to anyone, but any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Learn how to multi-boot with hidden partitions. All my OS partitions are labeled C:. I have one for office with all programs for that, one for internet, and one for DAW.

Problem with doing if via Windows is that the first partition contains all boot info for any other OS partitions. Viruses seek out C:\ so if it goes down you’ve lost access to all other partitions. There are more advantages.

Thanks for the info - I’ll look into the multiboot option!