How to setup Cubasis midi tracks for playback on an external keyboard?

MANY thanks to @fixitmania53 for helping sort this out! Because there were a few replies that could be sequenced together differently, I put together a procedure I’ll be using going forward. Sharing in case anyone else had this problem (even if the odds are I’m the only one who didn’t “get it” :slight_smile: ).

My use case for this is wanting to avail myself of all the features of Cubasis when getting a MIDI piano track down without moving all my gear to a different location to record my Nord Grand for its audio (it’s just a preference thing for me - if the native piano sounds in Cubasis or any AUV3 piano work for your purposes, this is just extra steps). For my purposes, a workflow might be to record a MIDI track with Cubasis Acoustic Grand and build the track around it - perhaps for several songs at a time and then in one single session, record audio for all the piano tracks using the Nord later. Here is what I’ve put together thanks to the help of fixitmania!!!

Record whatever piano track you need in Cubasis using any native piano sound to get the MIDI piano roll. Listen carefully and clean up any MIDI data to be sure it’s playing as you want it to sound.

Connect IPad to keyboard/sound module and audio interface via USB hub - connect L/R audio of keyboard/sound module out in to 2 input channels of the audio interface.

When ready to trigger the keyboard/sound module with that MIDI track:

  1. open MIDI WRENCH, leave it open in the background (if you don’t have it, download it - it’s free and magical!)

  2. In Cubasis project, create an AUDIO track for the keyboard/sound module

  3. On the prerecorded MIDI track: 1- click ROUTING; 2- Select NO MIDI out; 3- In the drop-down box, select your keyboard/sound module (see numbered photo by Fixitmania in reply #5 above) - at this point, the MIDI out from the MIDI track is pointed to the keyboard/sound module

  4. Open the MIXER view and slide the MIDI channel’s volume down to zero (do not mute the MIDI channel) - when closing the mixer view, ensure the MIDI track is NOT red/armed to record

  5. On the Audio track, ensure the keyboard/sound module’s analog audio output is selected to come in to the Audio track - IMPORTANT: click ROUTING on the audio track and change from mono to STEREO - ensure the Audio track IS red/armed to record (you can open the Mixer view again if you want to monitor levels while recording)

  6. Hit record - the MIDI track will trigger the keyboard/sound module whose analog audio is being recorded in the audio track.

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