How to setup Dorico editing screen to fit half screen of 13"

Hi, when travelling I only have my 13" MacBook, and would like to type in music while looking at a PDF, measure by measure. I was trying to reduce the width of “Dorico 5 SE” screen but am not able to find how. Is that perhaps a feature enabled in the “Elements” or in the “Pro” version?
At home, i use a dual monitor and therefore it is very easy to do that.
I am really happy with Dorico 5, and am considering upgrading to the Elements version soon.

You should be able to just drag the side of the window (assuming you’re in window mode, and not Full Screen).

Alternatively, hovering over the green window button will show you ‘split’ options.

Also: Command 0 (that’s zero) will show/hide all the panels, giving you more room for the page.

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I think the problem will be that the project window’s minimum width is now wider than it was in Dorico 4, on account of the new buttons to toggle between concert and transposed pitch, and between page and galley views. We’ll see about whether we can make the buttons dynamically abbreviate their labels as the window width gets narrower.


When I am in that situation I set Dorico to Galley-view and put it to the bottom half of the screen and the pdf to the top (screen split horizontally). To get keyboard shortcuts for window management I use BetterSnapTool ( on Mac),

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If you use Acrobat reader, it’s at least possible to scale this window down enough, that the two aren’t overlapping.

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Thankyou ! this is of great help