How to setup keystep pro correctly in cubase 11

How do i setup keystep pro correctly in cubase 11 with midi ect.

I have the same question!

This wasn’t answered as it’s such an open ended question. Could you add some specifics of what you would like to do?

Hi - thanks for replying - I’ll start at the beginning with what I’m hoping to do and then finish up with the issues!

I’m in the twilight of my working career and wanted to get into something as a hobby - having been a fan of Tangerine Dream from the early 1970s and latterly ever more ambient stuff (Fripp, Eno, Andrew Heath etc.) I decided to get into my own electronic music. First problem, I couldn’t play a note (but am getting there!). After taking lots of advice from ‘expert’ friends, which consisted of stuff like ‘buy a Moog’ or ‘get a Buchla’ (yeah, right…) I bought a KeyStep Pro, having seen a demo in real life and on YouTube.

I have a Tascam field recorder for gathering real world sounds (e.g. forest, river estuary and so on) and I also have a Tascam MIDI interface - the latter not yet connected up, as I need to get some cables. The interface came with Cubase LE. The Keystep with Analog Lab V plus MIDI controller.

What I want to do ultimately is put together my ‘found sounds’ from the environment with maybe a couple of other tracks of minimalist piano sounds, maybe some slow tempo beats. I have the free program Audacity which I’m hoping will at least enable me to do some basic MIDI manipulation to export to WAV or MP3. The ultimate goal is to produce a CD for me and family - no commercial aspirations!

So, I have the KeyStep Pro powered by its’ own supply and its’ USB port is connected to my PC. From my PC to a DAC is another USB cable and the DAC is connected into an amp. This connection is recognised as ‘USB Audio Advanced Device’ by the PC and also Analog Lab V and Audacity - but not by Cubase 11 LE. I’ve got the hang of using Analog Lab as a VST in Cubase, but it seems that I have to have the keyboard connected and Analog Lab running to hear any sounds in Cubase - is this right? If I play the keyboard with Analog Lab running - either in Cubase or not - I get sounds via the DAC/Amp - but Cubase does not ‘see’ this USB, only the PC speakers.

I’ve only been at this a couple of days, so on a steep learning curve - any tips would be really appreciated (or pointers to tutorials for Noobs…).



Ok, one issue is that Cubase isn’t going through your DAC to the amp/monitors is that correct?

You need an ASIO driver for your DAC (Which I presume is a USB audio interface?). Which model is it, and have you downloaded a driver from their support website?

Once you have an ASIO driver installed, you need to select it within the Studio Setup menu.

However. Don’t have Analog Lab running at the same time as Cubase - If you already have an ASIO driver it’s possible that by running other audio software on that driver is stopping Cubase from using it.

As for found sounds, you can use the mediabay in Cubase to browse your computer folders for the samples you’ve recorded and drag them into the timeline within Cubase and manipulate them. You can preview them there also.

You can also load an instance of Groove Agent SE on a track and drag and drop samples onto pads which can be triggered from your Keystep. You can also chop them up and manipulate with effects and such like.

There’s a Sampler instrument too, but that’s only in Cubase Elements editions and above (Not LE) - this allows you to drop a sample and it pitch across your keys chromatically, i.e. it’s such as an old-school EMU/AKAI sampler.

Due to the VST plugin architecture there’s many free instruments that act as samplers too, if that interests you, once you’re past these initial hurdles though.

Apologies if I’ve mis-understood or the above doesn’t make much sense.

And yes it’s a very steep curve. I think when getting help on here, if you concentrate on one thing at a time it’s much easier to assist or give advice. When I read posts like this, I almost wish I could be sitting with that person for an hour and run through everything in person in a more dynamic fashion. :frowning:


That’s really helpful, much appreciated. I’ve now ditched the USB DAC and connected in the Tascam interface, which Cubase recognised right away with the correct ASIO driver.

Thanks also for the tip on found sounds.

Finally, I will do as you suggest – one step at a time!