How to setup metronome in Control Room Mixer

I have setup a surround control Room Mixer but there is no way I can feed the metronome into the studio monitors. In Cubase 6 there used to be a click enabled button!

It seems that click can only be used in the cue mix so I setup a cue mix, but stereo is the only option for cue and all my tracks are submixed to stereo if I use the cue mix.

Is there a solution for this?

You can activate click in the control room, as well as the cues.

The new Control Room UI is a bit weird for me compared with the old “mixer style” of C5/6. It caused me a bit of searching myself when I first used C7

But I don’t see a click button anywhere on the Control Room Mixer.

Bad design in short.

Damn, found it! Right at the bottom but need to click on the control bar!

Still, it is a bad design.


Yeah, I don’t particularly like the way it’s laid out or the fact that keeps shrinking . Getting used to it now but it took a while.