How to setup NI Komplete Kontrol S61 as MIDI remote

I’m looking for tips on how to setup my Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61 midi keyboard…

Basically this is my dilemma. I have it set to transmit the data back to my Komplete Kontrol. This is great because when I click on a plugin, the values are sent to my midi keyboard and I can tweak them without any abrupt changes.

The issue I’m having is, because it is transmitting the data back to my keyboard, it is causing some lag because I guess when I tweak a knob, it goes into Cubase and then back to my keyboard. Like a feedback loop or something.

So what I really need is for Cubase to transmit data to my keyboard only when I click on the plugin, and not when I tweak a knob.

Anyone have any tips regarding this?

It’s also known as the motorized fader issue or jittery issue in the MIDI Remote and widely discussed but unfortunately never fixed.

As a workaround, I keep using the Generic Remote for the endless encoders, and the MIDI Remote for everything else

For users of the Komplete Kontrol Mk2, there’s also the option of using the very sophisticated script by the brilliant @m.c, which works around the undesired controller feedback loop in addition to some other magic:

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Thank you my friend for suggesting my script, I would do this too, however, some days ago I’ve noticed in another forum, that most users tend to work with the original implementation by NI, and since then, I’m a bit hesitating to suggest mine.
Anyway, @ilmolto , as @Nico5 correctly stated, it’s a known issue, and since I can understand you’ve already created a remote the way that suits your personal workflow, maybe you could just keep the midi feedback out for now as you already mentioned, and wait for a fix, or of course alternatively use Nico’s approach and map the quick controls for instance, to the generic remote.

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I had a feeling this was the case. Obviously the laggy movements isn’t the end of the world so I will keep using it this way and maybe they will come up with a fix in Cubase 13!

Thanks for responding guys!

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