How To Setup Playback Start Position Like Ableton

I also use Ableton Live a lot and one thing I’ve come to love about it is the insanely useful Insert Marker. A little vertical red line that also determines where playback starts from when you hit play. No need to keep rewinding or re-cueing. If you want to continue playing from where you are then on Windows you simply hit Shift + Space Bar. I really would like to setup Cubase to mimic this. How do I do that please? I also love that the Inset Marker is so easy to position in Ableton as you can set it anywhere from the timeline down to the bottom track and not just a tiny fiddly horizontal strip at the top of the timeline as in Cubase.

Don’t have my cubase with me right now but as far as I remember there is something like ctrl + number (on your umeric keyboard) that stores the current position as the marker and then you can easily recall it by pressing the number.

…yeah its like I said - found this image for the old SX but it should be the same across all the versions.

I’m not sure I understand. It’s been a good while since I set up Cubase. Is the default behavior that it continues playing from where you stopped? There’s a preference to change that.

Also, there’s a preference that allows you to set playback position by clicking in empty space, so you don’t need to click inside the ribbon, just click anywhere on the project that doesn’t have an event. Sorry I don’t have the exact names or locations of these things. I’m not at home. But if you mess around in your preferences a bit you’ll be able to modify the playback behavior to suit you.

And like maara said, you can set markers by ctrl + num pad numbers, then jump to those markers with shift + (non number pad) numbers.

Of course, Cubase has a plethora of transport commands. It might make sense to explore those and forget about trying to have Cubase mimic Live.

Mimic was probably the wrong word but yes was I was just trying to find the equivalent transport options in Cubase. Lots of good input here from all these folk to explore thanks. :slight_smile:

Also hitting numpad zero two times, returns cursor to last start position.