How to setup routing like this in Nuendo


Both use Nuendo and Pro Tools
Wondering how to setup routing like this in Nuendo
The only way I think about is to create 4 mono tracks and draw different volume automation.
But it’s too waste time.
Any suggestion?

here a video but with no sound sorry.

pay attention to routing

Thanks cryileg
It worked!
But I found put the file on 5.0 track, there is still signal went through to other track especially use Anymix Pro as panner. VST MultiPanner won’t but hard to pan.
Ex. panning to hard left, sound also goes to Ls…right to the Rs
So if the source is mono, I think it should be use mono track and VST MultiPanner. Easy to pan and won’t let signal spread everywhere.
Never used MixerDelay and take a deep look at routing editor, it’s so import on routing.
Although needs few more step to set this up.

with pleasure
I did this quickly this morning.
Then, indeed, you can try to improve all this