How to shift/add measures?

I would like to add some extra measures to the beginning of my song, but i can’t seem to do it right.
When i add free space, all it does it shift all my recorded material over. But the presets on which measures i did timing changes stay at the same spot. like when i have something in 4/4 switch to 5/8 at measure 32, it will stay there, while only the recorded matterial gets shifted.

i tried the edit>range>add silence and also the paste time, but it’s not solving the problem.
I feel like i need to edit bar counter but i dont know how.
I would rather not go through and change all the time signatures and tempo tracks since the timing changes every measure in some parts…

You can add silence for a specific amount of measures, eg. signature values after a section of a song but as you want to do this beforehand you could try using the arranger track to write the part at the end of the piece, then cut and paste time.

nvm it somehow worked… lol i guess i was inserting silence wrong? cause it didnt shift the time signature.
I just highlighted about 6 measures of 4/4 in the beginning, but this time all tracks, including tempo, and it worked xD

also, creating a signature track allows me to edit it from there xD i should’ve looked more into it first…

When you need to add an extra measure to a section, if the previous section was i.e. /8 you can set the locators to a specific value, e.g. 2/8 even if other bars are 3/8 or 5/8 etc beforehand and move the locator “block” into the next part (which may be /4 as an example) and insert time.

Works very nice when composing drum parts where you want to have a fill in before the next part starts or where you have completely removed a section and need to change the meter going into the next part by way of tempo.

Just be careful to ensure that any tempo/time signature events are moved with their corresponding sections as you create time.

“Process bars”