How to show a single instrument (and articulation?) in a percussion kit?

I have a document w/ ~200 flows… each flow is a drum set groove.

I now realize that I need to tinker w/ how I am dealing with the snare drum specifically… e.g., the velocity of ghost notes vs. accents, etc. It seems in the months that I’ve been working on this, I was a bit inconsistent (sometimes applying custom scale to the note… other times using a playing technique).

I’m wondering if there is an easy way to setup a view/layout to show me only a particular instrument in the kit… and perhaps further, to show just a single articulation… so I can more easily identify issues and ‘clean up’ this mess I’ve created.

I was just playing around w/ something like this…
a) edit percussion kit
b) remove instrument from kit
c) move instrument to new player
… do what I need to do to clean up
d) move instrument back to the percussion kit player
e) combine the instrument w/ the kit

does this seem sensible… at least, to clean up this instrument?

other suggestions welcome.

You could change the presentation type to the single-line instruments type, and just follow the line for the snare drum? You could even do this in a temporary layout you create for this purpose, if you don’t want to disrupt other existing layouts.

Thx, Lillie-- I’ve done that… but it’s a big kit… 30+ odd instruments… so the document is a bit unwieldy to navigate… which is why I was hoping to reduce this down to seeing just the one instrument.

@Lillie_Harris - do you see the potential for any problems in the procedure I outlined in my self-response above? e.g., expected issues when ‘re-merging’ the instrument into the kit? I do have multiple snare drums (due to different notations on different lines for different articulations… and even tunings)… so I do need to heed that to make sure that when re-integrating the snare it is on the correct line in the kit… but beyond that?