How to show a specific bar number?

I’ve looked all through the manual and this forum, and I can’t find this — sorry if I’ve missed something obvious.

How does one force a bar number to appear on a particular bar that doesn’t fall into the “plan” in Layout or Engraving Options?

Thanks, as always.

I can’t try at the moment but I would suggest a bar number change and set it to the actual bar number.
Maybe this works.

Well, that works, ReRei — thanks. I just can’t believe there isn’t a way somehow, through a menu item or property or something, to make a bar number show.

However, this is a sufficient workaround, so thanks much!

In Write Mode, View > Bar Numbers, then make sure that both Page and Galley are ticked; that shows you every bar’s number.

I only want to make one specific bar number visible, not all of them.


In which case, would adding Text and writing in the bar number manually work?

Of course. I’m just surprised that there isn’t a way to make it appear as an actual bar number (assuming that there isn’t.)

Yes you’re right there should be a property for that. Because the opposite is possible when you select a bar line you can hide the bar number. However it’s not possible so far via a property to make it visible.
Maybe in the next version. I don’t know.

There’s an option for rehearsal marks that actually show bar numbers. Is that what you’re looking for?

Not if I understand you correctly, Leo.

The piece I’m engraving has two sections, and the bar numbers start over in the second section, on a pickup note. When I put in the bar number change (on the pickup), the bar number, appropriately, doesn’t show, in accordance with the settings. But I want the bar line immediately after the pickup to show the bar number.

Again, all of this is theoretical; ReRei’s suggestion that putting in an additional bar number change (to the actual bar number - in other words, no actual change) forces the bar number to show worked just fine.

In that case, why don’t you put the bar number change a bar later? That way you don’t have to force anything to hide or show. The pickup bar will have a nonsensical bar number, but if I understand correctly, nobody will ever see it!

There you go again being logical, Leo. :smirk:

I hope we will get the option to right click / option click on bar lines with the option to “show bar number” to enact it at that particular spot when general settings do not have bar numbers activated at every bar. I’m working on a large multi movement work that where (as editor) I’ve added thick bar lines at important moments that I’d also like to mark with the bar numbers. I may have to use the rehearsal marks feature in the meantime although bar numbers would be less intrusive in an otherwise tightly condensed score layout.

Actually, if the intrusiveness of rehearsal marks is the issue, just set the rehearsal mark font identically to your bar numbers, with no enclosure.

If I understand you correctly, they will now look exactly like your bar numbers.

This is a great idea!