How to show all instruments of specific players while "Instrument change" is enabled


I would like to show all instruments of percussionist 1 and 2.
Those instruments are not percussion kits.
However, I would like not to show

  • flute 2 with piccolo and
  • clarino with clarinet 2.

How could I do this?
It seems not possible.
Please let me know if I am missing something.

Thanks in advance!

You should consider making the instruments into a kit if you want them to appear all at the same time.

Thank you for your instruction!
There are, however, two problems with the percussion kit:

  1. The pitched instruments like glockenspiel are not included in the kit. Thus, the pitched instruments are not shown.
    <- Currently, I allocated a bass drum, a suspended cymbal, and a glockenspiel to a percussionist. Making a ‘Percussion kit’ does not show glockenspiel when "Instrument change’ is on.

  2. The problem of dynamic marking to affect while playing. I put dynamic marking in the score at first, then cut them and paste them in the part view. It is not serious, but bothersome…

Due to the first problem, I currently put “Riporre XXX” manually when changing the instrument.

The other option is to use multiple players, each holding a single instrument, and then create a part layout with all of those players included.

I always did in the method you mentioned when using Finale.
Completely forgot it.
Thanks for revoking this!