How to show chord diagrams on top of full score


the new feature to show chord diagrams on top a score is really great but I am struggling with activating the representation for a full score. So even when the checkbox “Show chord diagrams used at start of flow” it does not work for the full score. Maybe this is a “feature” but I think it should work for a full score too. Or am I missing something or doing something wrong?

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Hi !
This is an option you find in Layout options, right? So it’s Layout dependant. You have to make sure you select the full score in the list that’s located in the right panel of the Layout options window, so that you really change the options of that layout. Hope it helps.

Does the first page in your full score layout have local page overrides? If so, perhaps remove them (although if you made important page-specific changes, it might be good to duplicate those elsewhere, e.g. adding the project title in Project Info or replicating the changes to frames on the First master page)

Hi Marc, hi Lillie

actually I selected the Full Score on the right side but the chords are not shown (I recognize that there is something happening, the first system is vertically moved down on the first page but the chords are not shown).

yes, I have used local page overrides. So I switched back to the “Default Full Score” and it is still not working. Maybe I am doing something completely wrong.

So question to you boht: can you provide me with an example score where it is working?





If you’re seeing the first system moving down vertically but no chord diagrams are appearing, that corresponds to what I see when I show the chord diagram grid in a layout that already has a local page override on the first page of a flow (where the grid should appear).

If you remove the override (making sure that first any important information is in the relevant places elsewhere so that they won’t be completely lost), then you chord diagrams will appear.

I would be interested to know also what you did to the page to get overrides - I suspect there might be other ways to achieve that without overriding the individual page. Page overrides can be useful, but they can prevent automatic changes like this one or allowing flow headings to move with the music etc.

Great!! That was it! Made my day :wink:

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