How to show "extensions" for ARA melodyne

I’ve searched and found five or six threads dealing with this, but did not find the solution for MAC.

I have the latest version of cubase pro 10 and melodyne 4 but I cannot access extensions from the audio menu or from the top cubase bar.

Please direct me.

Thank you,

In your main Cubase window… at the top right corner in the BLACK info BAR you will See the panel setup COG wheel ( it looks like a GEAR icon ).

  1. select by clicking on any audio file/event in the main window… when you select any audio file , you will see all the info about that selected item/event in the top BLACK bar appear.
  2. Now, to the furthest Right corner you will see the GEAR/COG-WHEEL appear.
  3. Click the Gear wheel. .
    Now uncheck some of the info that you want to appear in the Black TOP BAR information display. (the BLACK Bar CANT FIT everything! )
  4. If you have too many items CHECKED for display all at once, then your not going to see the EXTENSION option.

UnCHECK some useless info from being displayed every time you select a event in the main track inspector window.*

Do me a favour… Can you tell me if when you edit your MELODYNE file in cubase in the bottom section (by using EXTENSION), if when you play back the audio, you can hear both the original event & the MELODYNE edited event being played back simultaneously at the SAME TIME.
In other words DO you hear both the edited and unEDITED event played back in CUBASE without any way of JUST listening to your MELODYNE edits.

I do need a bit of Help also…
Take Care.

This Is the ARA limitation I am speaking of… Please let me know if you can Find a real solution.

Unfortunately your solution did not work.

Extensions is not even an option to add. It doesn’t even show up in the Audio menu! (Yes I’m running the latest version of C10).

I saw a few threads dealing with this, but the solutions were all PC based, not Mac.