How to show flow number before the first staff?

I’m finished writing my first volume of 76 exercises for the piano. Now I am arranging the score and adding explanation text etc. I like the flow number of each exercise to be shown at the beginning of the first staff, i.e. where you usually find the instrument name in orchestral scores.How I can do that? In the flow headings editor, I can only change the position more to the left or right above the staff. When I drag the flow number token down on the left side (in the flow header editor), the result doesn’t change in the score as if the flow number token is all the way up.

AFAIK There is no automated way to achieve that (yet).
If I am not mistaken, others have requested this capability.

Its not easy and needs a bunch of workarounds.

  1. Go to: Layout Options, Staves and Systems, and set the distance of the first flow to a higher degree, e.g. 15 or 20 – try …
  2. in Layout Options, Page settings, flows: set show flow title to No
  3. in Engrave mode: now you can set text frames with the token {@flowNumber@} on the left side of your page (in master page or directly) – as lot as you have flows on a page and start to drag up and down these text frames so that they exactly fit to the systems.

good luck

Here’s my method:

Example (383 KB)
Here you have some quick example.

Thanks for the replies. I think I’m going to stick to this solution for now. I find the method of pianoleo a little difficult, perhaps because I never used divisi yet in my projects. But something I’ll check out.

I wish that in the future there’ll be added the possibility to show the flow number before the staff and perhaps with the option to simultaneously show the title text above the flow.