How to show/hide muted midi notes?

Hello :slight_smile:
I want to ask where can I find a button or function to show muted midi notes. Now if I muted some notes they are not visible, but I want to have these notes grey. I dont know why I have this problem now, so thank you for all your ansvers. :slight_smile:
(sorry 4 my english :smiley: )


Weird, by default the color of the muted event is light-gray. And I don’t think you can change it in the preferences.

…Do you mean in the Key Editor, right?

Thank you for your reaction. Yes, usually it stays gray, but in my situation - it’s completely disappear. I’m giving some screens in attachments.

Did you try Safe Start Mode, please?

Is it the same if only one MIDI Part is selected?

They disappear probably because some of your midi Chords options (in inspector) like “Live transform” are activated. If it’s the case turn it off, you will see your notes again.

Yes! You’re right! I have removed “Follow Chords” option and everything stays gray, thank you for your answer and advice. :slight_smile: :wink:
It was really annoying. :smiley:

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Screenshot 2017-10-29 02.10.54.png

Iam glad it helped you :wink: