How to show only sounding instrument lines on percussion part layout?

I’m working on a score with a percussion kit. I’ve set the percussion presentation type to “Single-line instrument” both in the Full Score as well as in the individual part layout.

When viewing the Full score in Page View, just the sounding instruments on that page are shown, exactly as I hoped for.

But I can’t get this same presentation type showing in the same way in Page View on the individual part layout. All instruments are shown, regardless if that instrument has something to play on that particular page.

I guess I haven’t set an option somewhere. Could someone point me in the right direction?

(Now I’m thinking of it, maybe I have to create a “full score” part layout containing just that one percussion kit?)

Have you checked the Layout options for that particular layout (percussion part)? I’m thinking about Vertical spacing >Hide empty staves.

Wow, that’s simpler than I imagined. That’s exactly what I’m asking for. It seems the full score does this by default and part layouts don’t.

Thank you!